About Me

When I was a kid, I had a book glued to my hip.

Not really. That would have necessitated some costly surgery. But in a functional sense…

I’d frustrate my dad, reading during every car ride to the grocery store or doctor’s office no matter how short. He used to tell me to look around at the world when we traveled, that I was missing out on my surroundings. He was right. But still I’d devour story after story.

Then I stopped. I was in high school then and more concerned with social pressures and athletics. Reading lost its voluntary opt-in and its pleasure along with it.

Then during my freshman year at Michigan State, like any disillusioned 19-year-olds, I had to find something to do with my life.

I came upon a clip of Steven Spielberg some years ago. Always been a big fan. Sharing a name doesn’t hurt.

I won’t rehash his words; it’s his story and he tells it better than I. He spoke about his childhood interests and passions. It was one of those rare moments in which the likeness of a man or woman comprised of pixels and bits seems to fix their eyes on you to address you directly.

“Dreams always come from behind you, not right between your eyes,” he said. “But when you have a dream, it doesn’t often come at you screaming, in your face…sometimes a dream almost whispers.”

It’s a little fluffy for my taste.

But truth can be fluffy. I’m a firm believer in the Man Upstairs–and that He had purpose in everything He gave me. A love for the word – spoken and scrawled – and the men and women from which they come.

So I’m now pursuing a degree in journalism and religious studies from Michigan State, against the wishes of all those well-meaning adults who proclaimed to me the wonders of STEM.

I write for the Great Lakes Echo, an environmental news publication funded through the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism.

I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking and reading about the intersections of Christianity with politics, values, and everyday life; environmental stewardship and sustainability; and the principles of building community.

I’m also interested in learning how to sound less jaded when I write. I really am fun-loving, I swear.